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About Our Company

The ultimate software outsourcing staffing company exceeds all expectations.

We can completely transform your company through our unmatched services. Try it out firsthand! XEOSOL is making sure that clients are successful. As a result, we are the supreme benchmark in software outsourcing company.
Discover the top software development outsourcing company that surpasses expectations by linking exceptional remote developers. Our commitment is to elevate your software development projects to new heights.
With our extensive knowledge and steadfast support, we are the perfect outsourcing team to help you achieve goals.
High Quality IT Solutions for Startup
Hire Fast & Easy
We build up your team by providing you a simple structure, we help you to start fast and focus on your projects.
End-to-End Assistance
We pay special attention to your product's development and recommend the ideal talents, technologies to you.
300+ Satisfied Client
Onboard experienced Software developers

We Provide our Clients
Best IT Staff Augmentation Services

Hire a Web
XEOSOL offers clients to have any one of our services, either web development outsourcing or a team for web development outsourcing.
Hire a Mobile
Our specialty is developing bespoke mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. These apps are designed and developed to meet your business requirements at competitive prices.
Hire an
AI Engineer
Our AI developers are talented. They help organizations streamline operations, develop advanced software, and deliver innovative products. This ensures projects are completed quickly and cost-effectively.
Hire a
QA Engineer
XEOSOL has a group consisting of over 30 QA engineers and prominent QA managers. They work to deliver high-value- added and agile-aligned QA & software solutions that you can trust.
Hire UI/UX
Our UI/UX designers keep end-user experience in mind. They follow a meticulous business process. This process results in interactive, neat and creative designs. These designs help to generate high KPI's and ROI's.
Hire eCommerce
XEOSOL specializes in front-end development. They are also able to create back-end functionality to manage large order numbers and millions of tickets. Additionally, they offer tracking solutions for real-time traffic.
Our Company`s Onboarding Procedure

Professional IT Experts For Your Business Problems

If you want to outsource web application development process? We are poroviding you an ample opportunity. The onboarding procedure typically lasts a few minutes, we want to make sure we have a good working relationship with you and that everything is clarified before we start.
  • Share you JD (Job description)
  • Select resources
  • Let’s have an agreement
  • Work with your new team in 24 hours
why choose our company

Why you Should Choose us?

We Build long-lasting software starts and ends with people. It’s why we invest in understanding what our clients need. It’s also why we obsess about the details and the end-users. We definitely reduce your software engineer hiring process.
Hub of Software Experts
Committed Outsourced IT Staff
99% Satisfied customer
100% Positive reviews
Trusted tech partners
300+ Happy clients
Transparent communication
500+ Project completed
Our industries

We’re Dedicated to Serve you All Time with multi developers

We are a dynamic, multi-national network of highly skilled architects, designers, and best developers. Clients with outstanding credentials can access our network of tech talent.
Questions & answers

See Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between IT Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing?
    An outsourcing model is the addition of IT personnel. The latter is more frequently associated with turnkey software development, which happens when clients hire specialist teams to create a software solution from scratch while following the SDLC.
  • How does the IT Staff Augmentation proposal look like?
    A typical IT staff augmentation proposal contains the following details: Stipulations in a contract. A list of required activities and deliverables, as well as a list of tech experts. Rates. Duties associated with each function. Declaration of Work (SoW).
  • What’s the Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Managed Services?
    Data backup, system management, cloud transformation, data warehouse, data storage, network security, and other managed IT services are just a few examples. Many companies make advantage of these services. Contrarily, corporations only sometimes use staff augmentation, which is typically used by product development companies.
  • How Do You Ensure That the Services You Provide Are of High Quality?
    Our Company value both remote employees and our customers. As a result, We provide specific bonuses and privileges to our remote employees, as well as personal development programs for ongoing professional development. A dedicated manager conducts one-on-one interviews with staff on a regular basis to learn how they feel about working on the project, what issues they are experiencing, and what they would like to see changed. When it comes to clients, we assign a dedicated account manager who is in charge of managing productive work and maintaining positive relationships between clients and with team members.
  • Can I stay in touch with my team?
    Software engineers are easily available anytime you need them, and we operate according to your time zone.
  • Does the hourly rate apply to full-time resources?
    There are various models available in XEOSOL. Personnel may be hired on a project basis, hourly, full-time, or part-time. You pay for the resources according to the model you've chosen.
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